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Thursday, October 10, 2013

174. I am at Garda

Hola a todos (hye everyone - spanish)

I was at garda literally for 2 days. Garda is something like a license or id for those staying in Ireland.. we are required todo this every once a year and the process is so frustrating.


Hurm, lets see why i said that...

For the Garda, we are required to take numbers and wait until our numbers are called.. and each day there will be about 400 numbers..

I am a student at RCSI and we are supposed to be provided with special line in particular dates..however when we are being notified about the dates, the arrangement states that a line for us will be opened at 5 pm..

And so, with that i was here yesterday at 12 just in case the line for us opens earlier and it still i came back at 4 and the njmber has ^^ so i was at garda twice yesterday and still did not get my garda done...

Well, guess what? I am back at garda today...and i suddenly feel like this is my second home for these 2 days..i even came prepared for all the things that i might want to do while camping out here at garda..

Today, i came between the time yesterdays, which is at 3..and syukr because it opens not long after i reach here... am so glad after taking my number that i feel like jumping around all over the place...

So now, whats left to do is to wait and wait and wait..its because my number is 348 but the current number is 231...see? More than 100 more to go... @.@

What to do *sigh...let us just wait here quietly and patiently..ngee ;)

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