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Friday, October 21, 2011

106. La Tahzan

..Hatiku terpikat padanya kerana DEEN yang ada pada dirinya, 
hingga ia terpancar pada TINGKAH LAKU dan PERIBADINYA 
lalu menarik perhatian jiwa ini untuk MENDEKATINYA..
Namun hakikat HASRAT itu akhirnya terpaksa DILUPAKAN selama-lamanya, 
kerana mungkin ini sekadar UJIAN untuk hatiku dan DUGAAN untuk jiwaku..

ya ALLAH..

~✿ Bila kehadiranku MENGANGGU hatinya, 
tidak membawa KEBAIKKAN padanya,
maka Kau pisahkanlah kami biarpun kami terluka.. ~✿ 

~✿ Bila aku TIDAK LAYAK dan bukan yang terbaik untuknya..
maka Kau jauhkanlah aku darinya.. ~✿ 

~✿ Bila bukan aku yang TERTULIS untuk melengkapkan separuh dari agamanya,
maka JARAKKAN kami agar tidak timbul rasa yang mengundang KECEWA… ~✿ 

Semoga hubungan kami sentiasa berlandaskan di jalan kebaikan... :)

105. Bertemu dengan Orang yang Salah

Memang ALLAH sengaja menemukan kita
dengan orang yg salah supaya kita
dapat menjadi penilai yg baik.

memang ALLAH sengaja menemukan kita
dengan orang yg salah supaya kita
sedar bahawa kita hanyalah makhluk yg
sentiasa mengharapkan pertolongan

memang ALLAH sengaja menemukan kita
dengan orang yg salah supaya kita

memang ALLAH sengaja menemukan kita
dengan orang yg salah supaya kita
sedar bahawa ALLAH MAHA PEMURAH &
PENYAYANG kerana mengingatkan kita
bahawa dia bukanlah pilihan yg hebat
untuk kita dan kehidupan kita pada
masa depan...

memang ALLAH sengaja menemukan kita
dengan orang yg salah supaya kita
dapat mengutip pengalaman yg tak semua
orang berpeluang untuk mengalaminya.

memang ALLAH sengaja menemukan kita
dengan orang yg salah supaya kita jadi

memang ALLAH sengaja menemukan kita
dengan orang yg salah supaya kita
lebih faham bahawa CINTA YG TERBAIK

memang ALLAH sengaja menemukan kita
dengan orang yg salah supaya kita

weee...banyak mesej nye... untuk difahami oleh sang hati..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

104. Time Management

hahah...time management for students...
its killing...uwaa!!~~

mood : tension with so many works to be done and so many things to think me...

103. Characteristics Test

haha...this thing is got to try to do it and see what will you get...there are so many words there and no worries, you will surely find more than what you require...amazingly!!!

so, find your first three words...

as for me, I found :

funny, sad, broken

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

102. Mathematics Problems on Trigonometry

haha.. :D

some even says ;

"hey maths, why do you keep asking me to solve your problem? 
I have my own problems too"

and some others say it differently ;

"hey maths, I am tired already of trying to find your 'X'. 
Why don't you move on and forget her already?"

and to me, I would say...
everything is just funny...LOLs

p/s : I have maths portfolio to be done in a week time...should be dead before the deadline.. :)

101. 7 days A week

just something to be pondered at...
language is beautiful...
language itself is an art...
to understand human science...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

100. Knock my heart


I was really waiting and looking forward to this post...the hundredth post in my blog...actually, I started this blog with the reason of writing story between someone and me, hoping that this blog will be the place where I can pour all my feelings and disappointment...

it became like that because I was in despair...and I was really down at that moment, living with just 0.01% of hopes to continue and go on with my I belief that this 0.01% will never turn out to be dreams come true, I still hold tightly onto it...because without it, I never know if I could make it this far, to remain bold enough to face everything...

through the time, like people say, "time heals all wounds", I began to live more normally each day...I regain my strength and independence...I realized what my living purposes are and I know being so down low is not one of my vision in life...I stood up again and become strict enough to my own heart and feelings to become strong and hard enough to be broken...

that is why my blog now is quite stable with no more such emotional and sadist is now just a mere story of human life in this drama of life...I regain my consciousness of not become so weak in preventing my heart to feel even the slightest wound...

as time goes by, I started to accept everything that happen...ready enough to let it go despite the strong longing for it to return at the deepest basement of my heart...but no one is to know...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

99. Faith and believe


our knowledge is limited and not enough for us to judge on our own what best for us...
sometimes, what we may think as best might be the worst for us,
but something that we thought worst for us actually gives the best for us...

and that is why, we should have faith and believe...on the destiny and fate that is already written for us...
we have no wights to interfere with God's works in determining our lives...
not to forget, our live belongs to Him..the Greatest owner and creator of everything...

and because of that too, we should always depend on Him...only Him...because he is always there despite the moments we are in...not like human that may change and might not be dependable...

here is the real-life situation when you are being too dependent to human, you start to feeling like this;

"it is ironic that when you need him, he was not there for you; 
but when you finally start to move on from him, he crawls back to you in no time"

but things will be in the opposite if the one you depend on is the only GOD...
because He will never leave you alone...He does not leave you alone...He was never leaving you alone..

praise be to Him, that even though we sometimes did waver from His love, He never did...He remains to stay with us to always guide us and show us true path...

O'God : Never take back the truth and light of goodness deeds from us when you already given it to us...
and never leave us without guidance...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

98. Belajarlah Hatiku

Belajar DIAM dari banyaknya BICARA 
Belajar SABAR dari sebuah KEMARAHAN 
Belajar KESUSAHAN dari hidup SENANG 
Belajar MENANGIS dari suatu KEBAHAGIAN 
Belajar TAWAKKAL dari UJIAN 
Belajar REDHA dari satu KETENTUAN..

♥~ Duhai Hati... Redhalah apa yang menimpa mu
♥~ Duhai Hati... Sabarlah atas derita sakit mu
♥~ Duhai Hati... Syukurlah atas nikmat yang diberi kepada mu
♥~ Duhai hati... Janganlah engkau jemu mengingati Pencipta mu
♥~ Duhai Hati... Jangan pada mu terhimpun dosa
♥~ Duhai Hati... Taubatlah agar kau suci semula...

97. Me and You


here. I want to create a story or mere tale about me and you. but it would not be full story but just the description on the surface. and it would be using idiomatic language.

"When I first met you, I honestly did not know that you were gonna be this important to me"

"While you are too busy looking for the perfect person, you will probably miss the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy!!!"

"Love is like a war, easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget;
it does not decide who wins, only who's left..."

"No man is worth my tears, but once I find one that is, 
I believe he won't make me cry..."

"Just because my eyes do not tear,
does not mean my heart does not cry,
and just because I come off strong,
does not mean there is nothing wrong..."

haha...and that is it...wee~~~ hope the message does go across....

96. Quotes #2

Quote of The Day: 

If you're a singer you lose your voice. 
A baseball player loses his arm. 
A writer gets more knowledge, 
and if he's good, 
the older he gets, 
the better he writes.

~Mickey Spillane~

Friday, October 14, 2011

95. Kerunsingan Hati

mungkin aku yang lemah
mungkin aku yang gundah
pada saat tiada masalah
aku terlupa dan mula berubah

namun aku lupa
semuanya tidak lama
hidup bagaikan roda
terdiam tanpa kata

pada saat kau hadir
aku tenggelam dalam lautan andaian
semuanya merunsingkan
mengganggu ketenangan hubungan

tenang air di permukaan 
tanpa sengaja telah aku kocakkan
melampiaskan nafsu dan kemarahan
terlupa ianya membawa kesan

kesabaran yang teruji
dengan pelbagai gangguan luaran
kau aku sakiti
pdih itu sekaligus turut hatiku rasai

hati yang kuat kian rebah
terjelepok ke batu dan pecah
hati itu terasa amat lemah
pada malam penuh dengan masalah

94. I was there


actually there was one day when I really went somewhere with my friends and it was quite far from my place..
we went to shah alam to visit a friend at UiTM Shah Alam...she is my bestest friend...hehe

but anyhow, there is someone there that my heart wants to meet...but yet, because of some reasons, I bet that it is better not to see that person...

unfortunately, as I arrived at UiTM, I could not get in touch with my friend...and I was kind of lost in the big, with hesitant I had to contact the person that I want to avoid,to come down and guide me during my journey there...

I was seriously surprised by his willingness to come and see me and offer me some help...after he got me to the place that I plan to see my friend, my business there was over...but yet, I had to wait for my friend that came with me but went somewhere else with her family...

and so, only here the story, or shall I say, OUR STORY BEGUN... :)

we spent times together...
we ate together...
we walk together...
and also we look at each other...

93. Sebelum Terlewat

Surat dari anak mak yang dah tak nakal...

Terlalu bosan rasanya duduk membilang hari... 
Dah hampir sepuluh bulan mak pergi 
Rasanya baru semalam mak peluk kiter kan sejuk syahdu masih terasa lagi nih...

Mak tau tak... 
itu lah pertama kali mak peluk anak mak yang nakal ni sejak kiter dewasa... 
dan itu juga terakhir kalinya
Emmmm...rupanya mak dah tau mak nak pergi jauh... 
nak tinggal kan anak-anak mak... nak tinggal kan dunia fana ni...

Mak macam dah sedia... 
Seminggu sebelum tu...
Mak dah menganyam tikar mengkuang 3 helai... 
Akak kata sampai ke pagi mak anyam tikar tuu... 
Tanpa rasa mengantuk, tanpa rasa letih... 
Kakak pun rasa hairan... 
Mak tak penah buat gitu...

Pastu mak pasang radio kecil di sebelah mak... 
Tapi mak seolah-olah tak sedar bahawa rancangan radio tu siaran siam ... 
Kengkadang siaran indonesia ...
Mak terus tekun menganyam...
Rupanya tikar yang telah mak siapkan tu di gunakan untuk mengiringi mak ke kuburan...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

92. Running Man


yesterday was a very happy day for me and my classmates..we had our gathering but we made it different from other gathering...we put aside the etiquette and also protocol of being a lady and gentleman...we ignore the rule of elegance and forget about the 'be strong' in front of each other...

haha...all in all, we had our greatest time spend together yesterday although it was only for about one hour...we had a PICNIC...!!! yeay.. :)

91. How to find something

well, sometimes eye can be deceived...

look at this picture...

lets play something... :)


get set...


haha...sometimes, there is just something, at somewhere...


be happy, and smile always... :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

90. Teka-Teki


one day, I was in class and one of my member text me and ask a question for me to answer... and I guess that idea came from biology that we learned...he even asked me to ask biology teacher to get an idea of what the answer, I just wanna ask other people since when I asked my classmates, they do not know the answer too... :)

Soalan :
Dalam banyak-banyak burung, burung ape yang berpenyakit???

Friday, October 7, 2011

89. Player a.k.a. Playboy


when should we label a guy as a playboy?? when will we said a guy to be gentleman??
how do we actually draw a clear line to distinguish whether he is a playboy or just merely kind-hearted gentleman...

well, that focus on us, the audience of the society...the judgement made is actually based on individual perception and assumption...and all of these are actually affected by bias and also wrong reasoning...

it is us who decide whether to label a person as a good and noble person or otherwise.... for instance, when a guy talk sweetly to a lady, we would perceive it as being tacky or trying to pick up the lady...but indeed, we can try to understand the situation first..maybe, the guy is just trying to be soft to the lady as he is afraid that the lady is in fragile state to accept something harsh or direct...hence, the tacky strategy is being used to enable a person to embrace another person...

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