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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

131. #TipsForBoysInLove


1. Touch her waist.
2. Actually talk to her.
3. Share secrets with her.
4. Give her your jacket.
5. Kiss her slowly.
>>>Are you remembering this?

6. Hug her.
7. Hold her.
8. Laugh with her.
9. Invite her somewhere.
10. Hangout with her and your friends together.

11. Smile with her.
12. Take pictures with her.
13. Pull her onto your lap.
14. When she says she loves you more, deny it. Fight back.
15. When her friends say “I love her more than you”, deny it. Fight back and hug her tight so she can’t get to her friends. It makes her feel loved.
>>>Are you thinking of someone?

16. Always hug her and say I love you whenever you see her.
17. Kiss her unexpectedly.
18. Hug her from behind around the waist.
19. Tell her she’s beautiful.
20. Tell her the way you feel about her.
>>>One last thing you need to do to show her you actually do mean it.

21. Open doors for her, walk her to her car - it makes her feel protected, plus it never hurts to act like a gentleman.
22. Tell her she’s your everything - only if you mean it.
23. If it seems like there is something wrong, ask her - if she denies something being wrong, it means SHE DOESN’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT - so just hug her.
24. Make her feel loved.
25. Kiss her in front of OTHER girls you know!

26. Don’t lie to her.
27. DON’T cheat on her.
28. Take her ANYWHERE she wants.
29. Text message or call her in the morning and tell her have a good day at school, and how much you miss her.
30. Be there for her whenever she needs you, and even when she doesn’t need you, just be there so she’ll know that she can always count on you.

31. Hold her close when she’s cold so she can hold you too.
32. When you are alone hold her close and kiss her.
33. Kiss her on the cheek; (it will give her the hint that you want to kiss her).
34. While in the movies, put your arm around her and then she will automatically put her head on your shoulder, then lean in and tilt her chin up and kiss her lightly.
35. Don’t ever tell her to leave even jokingly or act like you’re mad. If she’s upset, comfort her.

36. When people diss her, stand up for her.
37. Look deep into her eyes and tell her you love her.
38. Lay down under the stars and put her head on your chest so she can listen to the steady beat of your heart, link your fingers together while you whisper to her as she rests her eyes and listens to you.
39. When walking next to each other grab her hand.
40. When you hug her, hold her in your arms as long as possible.

41. Call or text her at night to wish her sweet dreams.
42. Comfort her when she cries and wipe away her tears.
43. Take her for long walks at night.
44. Always remind her how much you love her.
45. Sit on top of her and tell her how much you love her and then bend down to her face and kiss her while you’re sitting on her.
>>>You’ll never know when she needs just a little more love .. ♥!


hehe, so, gurlz out there...are these really what you all want??? erm, as for me, I am not exactly sure myself...They are pretty confusing actually...haha...but there is no doubt that there are few things that should not be done without halal, I guess, this would be practical after you get married lads! tell your husbands these, and you'll definitely get them...well, it still depends...

kalau tak dapat, pandai2 lah...jangan cari sy...hehe

as for boys, jgn terus wt bnd ni...bek confirmkn dulu..tak memasal kang ada mamat kene ketuk or tampar ngan perempuan tu...hahaha...


130. #JomTidur


well, generally, semua orang suke tidur...betul tak??? haha, tak payah nak cover sangat lah...mestilah suka sebab dah penat kan..haha

tapi, macam buat benda lain juga, mesti ada adab dan pantang larangnya kan??? haha, standardlah, ade lah benda nak share nye..benda ni jumpa kat satu tempat ni, from member..haha...


Jam boleh menghasilkan radioaktif, walaupun hanya sedikit, tapi kalau terlalu lama memakainya boleh mendatangkan bahaya.

2. JANGAN TIDUR MEMAKAI COLI (buat perempuan)
Para pengkaji di Amerika mengatakan bahawa memakai coli lebih 12 jam, boleh mengakibatkan kanser payudara.

Gelombang Medan magnet yang dihasilkan oleh alat elektronik ini, boleh merosakkan sistem syaraf kita

Hal ini dapat menimbulkan masalah pada kulit, kerana kulit tidak dapat bernafas

Ini kerana anda mungkin akan tidur selamanya , kehkehkeh

haha, pepandailah nak sort information ni ye...tapi, well, hehe macam dah biasa je buat semua tu, except for number 5 la of course...because I am not a guy...huhu...


129. Finding Resolution


here is my facebook status recently :
"kadang2 di saat hati mula ragu, ada keyakinan datang menyelinap dalam diri...begitu juga ketika hati mula yakin, ada cubaan dan dugaan datang mencabar..."

acutally, I have been in this relationship with someone for only about 3 months...well, today, it is exactly 3 months but the real basis of our relationship is actually much longer than that..hehe...(feeling satisfied)

however, lately I have been disturbed by an issue that makes my heart become emotionally unstable...
and the only issue that would arise is about the hukum for being in relationship (of course)...there are so many ideas and arguments about it...I agree to the opinion that we should refer to more than one source, but this matter seems like there will be no definite resolution...just like the earth, it keeps going round and round without an end to the route...(and I am feeling frustrated already)

so, due to this error in the programming of my soul, I frequently doubted what is right and what is wrong...when I try to do things according to the arguments from side A, I will start to objectively agreeing to the arguments from side B...and vice versa...hence, this has affected my emotion and sometimes, (I think most of the time..he would think so too) I will be very uncomfortable that I started to treat him cold as ever..colder than the ice at the earth pole... :'(

but still, whenever this problem is discussed, there are no real answers to solve the arguments will always come up and there will be new debate on, when exactly will it end??? (hope someone can answer me)

so, at first, I always avoid from telling this problem to my bf...whenever he asked, I always give excuses and said there is nothing wrong...but I cannot deny it that I felt really bad to have him be treated very, one day, I just figure out that I should and can share the problem with him...

so there start the explanation and confession of what really was going on and what was really wrong with me...and he was like lost in words and he just said that he loves me and we will try our best to make sure that this relationship is not taking the wrong in the end we finally agreed to work hard together to take care this relationship well and always reminds each other...(I was so glad)

but then, a few days later, I found two things that freaked me was a status at facebook and the other one is the tweet at they are:

from facebook,

"According to research, those in arranged marriages – or who have had their partner chosen for them by a parent or matchmaker – tend to feel more in love as time grows, whereas those in regular marriages feel less in love over time.. "
(hidden identity)

from twitter,

"Don’t stay in a haram relationship with the intention of making it halal someday. Who promised you tomorrow? "
(hidden identity)

hence, because of these two I would say, quotes from someone, they really hits directly through my heart leaving a very huge hole on it...huhu...I am so sad and I shared what I found with my, he was at the same state with me and he was startled by it...he was speechless at the moment and suddenly he stop replying my message...

at first I thought that he was feeling bad or what, but suddenly his text message came in and as usual, he sent me words of comforts that allow me to agree and decide the resolution for the is a part of his message that I was really touched...

"...make it clear and put aside all the other unnecessary remind me, I will remind you...what happen now, make it worth for the future...we pray to Allah, may Allah keep our hearts at the right path...and if we are going to be together, may we be blessed...but if not, may Allah separate us in a good way...if it turns out that He is testing us, be strong and remain, cause He knows whats best for both of us..."

sometimes, we can turn our destiny and fate the other way playing monopoly, there will always be fate through out the whole round...and the fate itself is a probability that is still cannot be confirmed to be a certainty...what is certain is we will stop by at the fate box, but what fate card will we open up, nobody can tell...but the fate card that is fated for us, can always change depends on the arrangements of the cards when it is prepared...

so, be well and strong enough to view everything positively from every aspect of that we will be satisfied and we will not be frustrated with our decision...

"there is no such thing as right decision...but we got to make the decision to be doing the right things after choosing our decision..."


"never afraid of feeling regret...cause there should be no regrets...if its good, then its its bad, then its experience...learn from it well..."

that's all...gtg...someone's waiting for me...

Adios Amigos!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

128. Jika Benar


hanya kau satu
Jika Benar Hatiku Mencintaimu kerana Allah

Wahai diri...
Jika memang kau mencintainya kerana Allah
Cintailah dia dengan cara yang benar
Cintailah dia pada saat yang tepat

Ya Rabb..
Berikanlah aku kekuatan dan peringatan agar
Aku tak akan memaksakan diri hanya untuk sebuah perasaan

Ya Rabb..
Jika dia memang jiwa yang telah Kau pilihkan untukku, berikanlah kami jalan dan petunjuk
Jika dia memang takdir bagi ku, layakkanlah dia untuku dan layakkanlah diriku untuknya

Ya Rabb..
Aku memilihnya kerana sebuah keyakinan...
Aku terima seluruh kelebihan dan kekurangannya...
Aku terima seluruh luka dan bahagia yang menyertai hidupnya...
Aku terima dirinya dengan seluruh apa yang telah Engkau berikan untuknya...

Ya Rabb..
Jika ada dua pilihan dan diantaranya adalah dia, tentu aku akan memilihnya
Jika ada sepuluh pilhan dan diantaranya adalah dia, tentu aku akan memilihnya
Jika ada seratus pilihan dan diantaranya adalah dia, tentu aku akan memilihnya
Dan jika hanya ada satu pilihan, dan tidak ada dia dalam pilihan itu…
Maka aku pun akan menerimanya sebagai pemberian terbaik dari Mu…
Aku tidak akan memaksakan diriku untuk memilihnya...

Kerana Engkaulah yang Maha Mengetahui
Kerana Engkaulah yang Menciptakanku
Kerana Engkaulah yang Memelihara diriku

Ya Rabb…
Jika dengan menutup cinta ini yang menjadikan-Mu redha kepadaku..
Jika dengan mengorbankan perasaan ini Engkau menyelamatkanku..
Di saat manusia tergelincir dari jalan-Mu..
Maka aku serahkan cinta ini untuk Mu..
Sebagai wujud bakti ku pada Mu..
Sebagai wujud syukurku pada Mu..

Allahumma Ya Muqollibal Qulub, Tsabbit Qolbi ‘ala Diinik, Wa'ala Ta'atiik..

Aku yakin bahawa tidak ada Ketetapan-Mu yang salah
Aku yakin bahawa semua Kehendak-Mu sangat terukur
Buatlah aku mencintai pilihan yang Kau berikan
Buatlah aku setia pada pilihan yang Kau tetapkan
Buatlah aku menyayangi pada pilihan yang Kau amanahkan

Ya Rabb..
Dengan segala Kekuasaan-Mu..
Dengan segala Kekuatan-Mu..
Dengan segala Keagungan-Mu..

Hamba mohon pada Mu,
Kuatkanlah hati ini saat ketetapan Mu membuat hati ini terasa sempit..
Tenangkanlah hati ini saat ketetapan Mu membuat hati ini terasa berat..
Sesungguhnya hanya dengan Pertolongan-Mu,
diri ini mampu menjalani semua ketentuan-Mu.

Ya Rabb ..
Buatlah diriku mencintai Mu lebih dari segala makhluk yang telah Engkau ciptakan

Ya Rabb
Buatlah diriku mencintai Rasulullah,  
Kerana Engkau pun mencintainya(Rasulullah)
Inilah isi hatiku, inilah harapanku, inilah keyakinanku…
Aku tidak hanya mencintaimu..
Tapi aku ingin mencintaimu kerana Allah..
Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan cara yang benar..
Aku ingin Allah redha dengan cinta ini..

Tak usah khawatir jika engkau adalah Qudrah dan Iradah-Nya
Kerana semuanya pasti akan terjadi,
Hanya waktu yang akan menjadi saksi kekuasaan-Nya
Tak usah memaksakan jika kau memang bukan untuk diriku
Kerana pasti aku bukan yang terbaik untukmu
Sehebat apapun cinta ini…
Tidak akan pernah mampu menyelamatkan kita,
Saat matahari hanya satu hasta di atas ubun-ubun kita..

Karena yang terbaik adalah…
Kita menjaga perasaan dan keyakinan ini dengan sebersih-bersih ketauhidan
Kita diwafatkan bersama hamba-hamba yang berbakti
Hamba-hamba yang mengorbankan sesuatu yang paling dicintainya untuk Tuhannya
Semoga Allah mempertemukan kita kembali disatu tempat
Dimana para abid melihat Rabb-nya dengan penuh keredhaan dan kebahagiaan

Kulakukan semua ini, karena aku mencintaimu karena Allah swt..hanya Dia


Diadaptasi dari karya,
Arif Ashadi 

p/s : kepada dirimu yang kusayangi di luar sana, semoga hatimu juga mengharap pada ketulusan sebuah keyakinan yang sama seperti hatiku...semoga kau juga mencintaiku kerana Allah...kerana hanya dengan begitu, ikatan hati kita terpelihara daripada godaan yang melemahkan Iman...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

127. Belajarlah wahai Hati


hehe, there was one day that I went to Shah Alam Section 14...because my younger sister was having some work there and we were planning on having our vacation at Kuala Lumpur...maybe with shoppings...hehe

anyway, on that day, I was able to meet with my boyfriend at the mall where my sister need to go to...and we met, eventhough for a while, it makes me really happy..

but, at night, we text and he was not really well...I was worried and suddenly I realised something...
during that day, I was left, not once, not twice but triple time...huhuhu

1. he left me after we met with the reason that he had group discussion but on his way back, the discussion was cancelled
2. he left me in the evening while we are messaging cause he wanted to sleep due to the headache that he was having
3. he left me while messaging me, again, at night after taking panadol because his headache was still not going away and he was in so much pain

so, only then I really felt the feelings of being left...and sometimes, I did doubt him because with the long distance separating us apart, he might be telling lies to me and was actually trying to avoid me...but anyway, I tried to keep my faith on him..

so, that night, I learnt something that I should realise...with our risky relationship that I can't still fully believe him, I should understand the possibility is still there for him to turn away from me and leave me..hope not..


Belajarlah untuk kehilangan dia, andai dia bukan jodoh KAMU .
Belajarlah untuk tabah, andai dia pergi dari hidup KAMU .
Belajarlah untuk menerima hakikat, yang dia bukan milik KAMU
Belajarlah untuk berhenti mencintai dia, andai cinta dia bukan untuk KAMU

Dan kadang-kadang kita bodoh
Dengan mencintai orang yang meninggalkan kita
Tapi meninggalkan orang yang mencintai kita

Kita sibuk memandang pintu yang tertutup untuk kita
Sehinggakan kita tidak perasan pintu yang terbuka luas menanti kedatangan kita...

and That Is LIFE...


but still, I will try not to be fooled not to be cheated and not to be hurt...
at the same time, I will try to believe in him to have faith in him and to trust him...

Friday, December 16, 2011

126. Sahabatku...Ikhlas


I was really attracted with the dialogue from the story "Ayat-Ayat Cinta" where the hero named Fahri was taught and reminded by his cellmate...about Islam...

"Islam itu sabar dan ikhlas...sabar dan ikhlas..."

and what is really the meaning of the word 'ikhlas'??? sometimes, we often say verbally that we are sincere about something...but, is it really true or it is just a word that comes out from our mouth to ease the feelings of both sides involved...

here are some useful concept of sincerity that I obtained fro a source...

~~ Dalam ikhlas tak ada lelah untuk selalu menunggu, tidak lelah menanti, tak jua bosan...

~~ Dalam ikhlas tak pernah ada luka batin, tiada ada sakit hati, tak pula ada benci...

~~ Dalam ikhlas tak ada buruk sangka, tak ada keluh kesah, tak jua ada fitnah..

~~ Dalam ikhlas tak ada amarah...

~~ Dalam ikhlas tak ada rasa takut, tak ada khawatir & cemas, tidak juga rasa was-was...

~~ Dalam ikhlas keredhaan itu terbentuk, dalam keredhaan itulah keiklashan yang teruji....

~~ Keridhaan & keikhlashan adalah segala sesuatu yg kita sandarkan hanya kpd Allah...

Hanya Allah lah yang berhak memberikan keikhlasan ke dalam hati hamba-hamba-Nya...Ingatlah sahabatku jika engkau ikhlas & engkau redha pada ketetapan-Nya maka Allah pun redha padamu...Rasulullah SAW, kekasih Allah yang paling mulia... bersabda,

"Berkaitan dengan ikhlas, aku bertanya kpd Jibril. apakah ikhlas itu....? Lalu Jibril berkata, "Aku bertanya kepada Tuhan yang Maha Suci tentang ikhlas, apakah ikhlas itu sebenarnya...?" Allah SWT Menjawab : "Ikhlas adalah suatu rahsia dari rahasia-Ku yg Aku tempatkan di hati hamba-hambaKu yg Kucintai." (HR. Al-Qazwini)

May all of us are able to obtain the purity of our heart in order to become sincere... =)

125. Orang yang Mendapat DOA Malaikat

1. Orang yg tidur dalam keadaan bersuci. 

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yg bermaksud :“Sesiapa yg tidur dalam keadaan suci, Malaikat akan bersamanya di dalam pakaiannya. Dia tidak akan bangun hingga malaikat berdoa: “Ya Allah, ampunilah hamba-Mu si fulan kerana tidur dalam keadaan suci.” [Hadith Riwayat Muslim]

2. Orang yg sedang duduk menunggu waktu solat. 

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yg bermaksud : “Tidaklah salah seorang antara kalian yang duduk menunggu solat, selama ia berada dalam keadaan suci kecuali di kalangan Malaikat akan mendoakannya: ‘Ya Allah, ampunilah ia. Ya Allah sayangilah ia." [Hadith Riwayat Muslim]

3. Orang yg berada di saf depan solat berjemaah. 

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yg bermaksud : “Sesungguhnya Allah dan kalangan Malaikat-Nya berselawat ke atas orang yg berada pada saf depan.” [Hadith Riwayat Muslim]

4. Orang yg menyambung saf pada solat berjemaah. 

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yg bermaksud : “Sesungguhnya Allah dan kalangan Malaikat selalu berselawat kepada orang yg menyambung saf.” [Hadith Riwayat Muslim]

5. Mengucapkan ‘amin’ ketika seorang imam selesai membaca Al-Fatihah. 

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yg bermaksud : “Bila seorang imam membaca ayat terakhir al-Fatihah sehingga selesai,maka ucapkanlah oleh kamu ‘aamiin’ kerana sesiapa yg ucapannya itu bertepatan dengan ucapan Malaikat maka dia akan diampuni dosa2nya yg lalu.” [Hadith Riwayat Muslim]

6. Orang yg duduk ditempat solatnya selepas melakukan solat. 

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yg bermaksud : “Kalangan Malaikat akan selalu berselawat kepada satu antara kalian selama ia ada di dalam tempat solat, dimana ia melakukan solat.” [Hadith Riwayat Muslim]

7. Orang yg melakukan solat Subuh dan Asar secara berjemaah. 

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yg bermaksud : “Kalangan Malaikat berkumpul pada saat solat Subuh lalu Malaikat (yang menyertai hamba) pada malam hari (yg sudah bertugas malam hari hingga Subuh) naik (ke langit) dan Malaikat pada siang hari tetap tinggal. Kemudian mereka berkumpul lagi pada waktu solat Asar dan Malaikat yg ditugaskan pada siang hari (hingga solat Asar) naik (ke langit) sedangkan Malaikat yg bertugas pada malam hari tetap tinggal lalu Allah bertanya kepada mereka: 'Bagaimana kalian meninggalkan hamba-Ku?' Mereka menjawab: ‘Kami datang sedangkan mereka sedang melakukan solat dan kami tinggalkan mereka sedangkan mereka sedang melakukan solat, ampunilah mereka pada hari kiamat." [Hadith Riwayat Muslim]

8. Orang yg mendoakan saudaranya tanpa pengetahuan orang yg didoakan. 

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yg bermaksud : "Doa seorang Muslim untuk saudaranya yg dilakukan tanpa pengetahuan orang yg didoakannya adalah doa yg akan dikabulkan. Di kepalanya ada Malaikat yg menjadi wakil baginya, setiap kali dia berdoa untuk saudaranya dengan kebaikan, Malaikat itu berkata ‘aamiin dan engkau pun mendapatkan apa yg ia dapatkan." [Hadith Riwayat Muslim]

9. Orang yg membelanjakan harta (sedekah). 

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yg bermaksud : “Tidak satu hari pun dimana pagi harinya seorang hamba ada padanya kecuali dua Malaikat turun kepadanya, satu antara kedua-duanya berkata: ‘Ya Allah, berikanlah ganti bagi orang yg berinfak..(sedekah)." [Hadith Riwayat Muslim]

10. Orang yg sedang makan sahur. 

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yg bermaksud : “Sesungguhnya Allah dan kalangan Malaikat-Nya berselawat kepada orang yg sedang makan sahur." [Hadith Riwayat Muslim]

11. Orang yg sedang melawat orang sakit. 

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda yg bermaksud : “Tidaklah seorang mukmin menjenguk saudaranya kecuali Allah akan mengutus 70,000 Malaikat untuknya yg akan berselawat kepadanya di waktu siang hingga petang dan di waktu malam hingga Subuh." [Hadith Riwayat Muslim]

Thursday, December 15, 2011

124. In Love with Engineer


hehe...nothing to say today...

just to say that my boyfriend is taking an engineering course...
hehe, I was actually confused before whether to take medicine or engineering course,
but I ended up choosing Medicine since I think I like it little bit more than engineering...

hehe, fortunately, my unrealized dream finally comes very near to me,
through someone whom I L**E...hehe..
I was glad, but one important think is that,
I did not fall in love with what he studies or who will he become...

but it is HIM, his own self that I l**e...

hehe...okay that is all with this idea actually...
just feeling excited with the happiness...

123. Inilah Caramu...

Mungkin kau memang tidak romantis
Mungkin kau memang tidak mampu membelikanku bunga
Atau mengajakku jalan-jalan di pinggir pantai yang indah.

Atau mungkin tidak bisa memberikanku puisi indah
Aku maafkan, aku tahu, itu memang bukan gayamu
Dan sesungguhnya kau tidak boleh melakukannya.

Kau mencintaiku dengan caramu sendiri.
Entahlah kalau kamu sedar ataupun tidak
Kau mencintaiku dengan mendoakanku dalam nafasmu.

Kau mencintaiku dengan cara sendiri
Mengajakku mengenal syurga yang abadi
Supaya aku tahu, kita akan bersama bukan hanya di sini.

Kau mencintaiku dengan cara setia padaku
Saat aku pergi jauh darimu 
Kau masih menyimpan semua tentangku.

Kau tahu hal tersebut
Memang tidak ada romantiknya.
Untuk itu, kau minta maaf padaku.
Tapi, begitulah caramu mencintaiku.

Kau berharap aku mengerti
Dan mampu memahamimu
Dalam setiap langkahmu.

Kerana kau mencintaiku kerana ALLAH...

p/s: note that the post number is 123 significantly proving that there is only 1 way 2 show 3 words...and you will have your own way in showing and proving to me your 'I Love You' to me... =) wee~~

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

122. Caraku Berbeza

Diam, itulah cara mencintaimu karena-Nya.
Mengharap kesucian agar hatiku dan hatimu tidak terbesit oleh nafsu.

Diam, itulah cara mencintaimu karena-Nya.
Mengharap ketaqwaan agar fitrah itu tidak membuat Rabb ku cemburu padaku.

Diam, adalah cara mencintaimu karena-Nya.
Mengharap syafa'at agar selamat di dunia dan di akhirat-Nya.

Diam, adalah cara mencintaimu karena-Nya.
Mengharap keredhaan-Nya agar Allah tidak membenci perilaku kita.

Diam, adalah cara mencintaimu karena-Nya.
Mengharap keikhlasan agar Allah berikan balasan yg indah bagi para pemelihara kesucian.

Aku marah,
aku cemburu,
tetapi aku lupa, 
kau bukan hakku...

Ada cinta di hatiku untukmu,
yang ku ingin agar kau tahu,
tapi sekali lagi ku terlupa,
kau milik Allah bukan milikku...

Harusku biarkan cinta ini terpendam dalam hatiku,
bila ada siraman Redha-Nya,
semoga kita kan bersama,
dan bila tidak aku yakin akan ada bibit yang lebih baik dari-Nya...

Jadi walau aku cinta aku sedar baiknya untuk diam,
biarkan Allah yang maha Kuasa mengatur-Nya,
tetapi kerana aku lupa kau bukan milikku,
dan akhirnya aku membicarakan agar terluah rasaku kepadamu...

121. Dialog Moden

hehe, so, marilah kita sama-sama ubah sikit...
trend is created by the people...
we are the one who created the trend...

if we can cause a spread of trend in fashion, 
why can't we start the trend of speaking with the right style...
hehe, just to be pondered at...

for everyone including MYSELF...errr, hehe

Monday, December 12, 2011

120. My...Best Companion


hehe, well, actually yesterday night I was a bit emotional...I was talking with my boyfriend and everything seems  fine and right but there was something wring with my heart that it really feels like crying...

so, I started to cry without even knowing the reason why I cried in the first place...

but somehow, while I was crying badly...something crossed my mind and I said it to him...

"you know, to me, my best companion and true friend would be my tears...why? because every time I was sad or was down, and yet everyone turned their back on me, everyone left, my tears will always be there to accompany me each time and any time"

huhu...I was afraid that he might find out that I was sad, so, I covered it up with a silly question like...

"it is funny right?"

but he answered saying that ;

"it is not, its cool.." that time I was laughing and thinking what the, but never mind, maybe he is being nice...
so, I replied back...

"owh, I humor is not working on you"

and I was surprised to read his reply when he said,

"but you are not trying to make a joke right?"

so I was crying really badly and even worst...since now I think I already have 
TWO BEST COMPANION and I am actually glad that he understands me even though in such emotional moments and I was still trying to cover my sadness but he comforts me in a special way, like he usually does, and only him know how to do it well...

so, thank you for being by my side and I HATE YOU > (the opposite of it) hahaha...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

119. Love and To be Loved

not everyone has the opportunity to get the chance of a mutual feelings...
sometimes, we just end up liking someone that actually likes someone else...
we get hurt, feel jealous and in pain...
but when there is no pain, there is no gain...

from the pain we felt, 
makes us little stronger,
to face the world tomorrow, 
to start to like someone else...

Fabulous Friends