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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

167. Letter / Certificate of Good Conduct


Letter of Good Conduct is a certificate or a letter that confirms the holder as a good citizen in the country. This is used for those who are going abroad to prove that he or she is clear from any misbehave or misconduct that lead to any law enforcement.

The process is not complicated and it is very easy. First thing first, you need to get registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs portal (here). At the right hand side of the portal, there will be a section for e-consular for you to click on. Then, register as the first time login where you will be lead to create an account with a password.

p/s: note that it is advisable to use Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and above

After confirming your account through your email, you can go to the login page again and login using the password you requested during your registration. After you login, start completing the form at each page and click on next for the next section. Do not click on the button submit until you have completed the form where you can no longer see the option for next page. As for the passport picture, you can choose whether to upload or just simply paste it after you print.

After that, submit the form and a page that indicates what you have to do will appear. From now, the step will be as follows.

1. Click on the button print and print the filled in forms. Note that the form must have 6 page but the one that will be printed is only until the page where there is a declaration letter for the Commissioner of Oath.- CoO (this require you to use Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and higher)

2. After printing, logout your account.

3. Paste your passport picture (if haven't upload during online fill in), your signature and fill in what is necessary for the declaration for CoO.

4 Go to any CoO and ask him to sign it as to approve it. Usually it takes you to pay RM20.

5. Prepare 2 copies of certified IC and passport.

6. The 2 filled in forms, 2 IC's and 2 passport is then sent to the Wisma Putra. This must be done in 2 weeks time from the date of online registration.

7. The documents can be sent through mail or can be directly brought to the office of consular at Wisma Putra. The address are as follows :

Wisma Putra, No 1, Jalan Wisma Putra, Precint 2, 62602 PUTRAJAYA. MSC.

8. Your request will then be processed but for those who sent it through mail will get their application be processed slower and will be receiving their LoGC a little later than those who come directly to the office of consular. 

So, it is easy after all!! hehe, just don't make mistake or you have to undone everything and start from scratch. That is what happen to me. huhu

166. In Pain


Last Thursday, I was very excited to eat a box of Nasi Ayam bought from the bazaar after fasting for that day. I love it so much because it is so delicious, though it finally became a cause for a tragedy in my life. huhu

I was having diarrhea for all night long and due to continously exposed to water during the night, I fell sick with a very high fever. The next day was supposed to be the day where my family and I will be going to Kuala Lumpur. However, due to my illness, the journey was nearly dismissed but I fought the illness to enable us to go to the Wisma Putra in Putrajaya.

I was supposed to go there in order to submit an application to apply for the Letter of Good Conduct for continuing my studies overseas. In the end, we did go there but i failed to apply it because as soon as I reached the front desk counter, for the first time in my life I felt dizzy and everyone turns pitch dark.

I really thought that at that time I can actually collapsed but I quickly excuse myself from the counter to go to the toilet. After that, I felt really sick and I cannot stand standing. I always find a place where I can sit or lean against. I was so worried as suddenly it seems that I am having a low blood pressure.

Huhu, that evening, my fever went up again. It is higher that my fever that morning. So that night, I cannot sleep comfortably and I wake up almost every hour. Fortunately, now my condition is all better and I slowly regain  my strength to do works and chores. hehe

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

165. Advice #1

Puteriku Sayang... <3

164. Women facts


Girls are really great. (Well, this is not a criticism for females. Honestly, I am praising)

Girls can really think so much. Almost everything can be stored in a human CPU of a female. What others find insignificant or trivial can be a really important details that a female will notice and even remember. '

For instance, when a couple is asked the same question which is "What is the colour of shirt worn by both of them when they first met?"
The girl can answer the question precisely with a very vivid memory of the facts. However, the guy can even barely remember their first meeting together.

This is  prove that we, girls, woman, female, are great. However, these females are also the one who usually created trouble. It is not that they cause trouble by doing improper things. Our mistake is just that, we think so much that we can even come out with all the possibilities that is not there.

It is great. analogically compared to a probability topic in mathematics. A bunch of letters, let say, ABC, can be arranged in 6 possible ways. Some people can figure out that there is 6 ways of arrangement but some might see it to have only one arrangement which is ABC.

The same as a whole set of situation that occur in a day, a woman can extract almost all possibilities of the outcome or cause of the event that cannot be seen because the ability of woman mind to think more than what we are supposed to. Hence, it causes problems that is not there to actually occur because of the fact that we imagine the worst thing.

The fact that 99% of the woman in the world is emotional can be reduced if we actually prove to everyone that we can think in the best way without making assumptions through our emotions. Lets be rational and prove to them that we are not emotional and what we think is reasonable.

Lets fight!!!

163. The result


"Man Jadda Wajadda". That is what Allah has told his subjects. We are the one who changes our own fate and those who try and seek changes will be granted by Allah. Allah never leave his servants alone and that is the use of the du'a.

I reckon that to make changes, one have to try and work on it, not only with hope and dream. The result will be given based on how much you put in your effort for what you want. So, I believe that to get what I got now is what I deserved. That is because it is a prove that my effort is not yet enough to fulfill the requirement of what I want.

Sometimes, it would be best to "remember what we deserve and forget what we want". This quote is not only suitable if we deserve something better that what we want but also vice versa. So, why not try it out what is in front of us because Allah will surely give the best for his servants. All we have to do is trust and have faith in Allah's decision.


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