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Monday, May 30, 2011

10. Number 4

well, well, well...haha...that is it...they are protecting but they go overboard to overprotecting...but still, they actually failed...since they manage to protect us from many things but not from themselves...isn't that funny...haha
hehe....they tend to be overprotective aitte...I once experienced it...but luckily at that time I was a bit understanding so, I don't have problems with this kind of situation...indeed, I really think that it is very sweet for boys to already know how to take care of the girl they love...they actually become more reliable and responsible in everything...being matured...hehe

9. Number 3

hehe...what do you think of you actually dislike this kind of person or what... ???

hmm, but usually in this situation, we actually did think that it is kind of suffocating for us to be told what to do and what is shouldn't...but we have to actually understand their feelings as they are being concerned and protective,,,they love us hence they want the best out of everything for shows the best quality of someone that we should think twice before letting go of them..hehe

8. Number 2

someone who love us will definitely make us happy and try to make a smile on our face no matter what... :) see, I smiled..hehe

hehe, someone that he loves, he will always try the hardest in order to make her happy even with the slightest and smallest thing that he could have think of...anyway, the point is that, he will never upset her in what ever situation or condition...for instances, he would rather himself being beaten up to dead instead of anyone try to lay even a finger on her...aww, how sweet if i have one...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

7. Number 1

the first sign should be ::
so, look it deeply but be sure with some logic and justifications...
do not forget to wait for more... [wink2]

6. Sign of Boys Falling in LOVE

there are many signs that can enable us to know whether 'they' are falling in love with us or girls whom our feelings can be detected by them, their feelings can also be detected by us..through this prediction, we should be able to know enough about their feelings and their honesty towards us...

Friday, May 27, 2011

5. I Love You Like

hye!! I left this blog without any post for about more than 24 hours again...but still anyhow, I still return here to make an update now...yeah, it will always about love in this blog...hope no one will get annoyed or bored anyway..hehe

er, today, the topic is about love which is always about happiness and is never a pain to matter how love affects someone's life, it still bring happiness to offers everyone to be feeling happy and sweet moments even though there are times when things get hard and cause bitterness in the memory of love itself....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4. Love the way you are

so, again hye..hehe

love is always in the air...sometimes it is us who do not realise it...we tend to look deeply into something that we decided on until we forget about other things and left the other doors unnoticed...well, feelings are not to be forced and planned...we might want to forget something but we just couldn't, without any reason...even when we fall in love with someone, there might be no reason for is just simply happened...hehe...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

3. It is worth it


hmm, this is my next post...well, well, well.... 
This time I just want to say that we oftenly misinterpret about...we look people falling in love and we want to have one too...assumption made was that love is easy and the pathway of love through life would be as easy as eating KFC, maybe I would say...haha

Monday, May 23, 2011

2. Loves create happiness

hye again...I am actually very eager to post something already and here I go...hehe, wasting no time...

so, when you are in love, the feelings will always be happy...even the saddest moment on the world would be a reason for someone in love to be happy...

1. 3W : Wishing Warm Welcome

Hye and Hello to everyone...

This is my blog and I welcome myself and everyone who will be reading this...
It will always be about love and gentle reminder for everyone who has never feel love, who is in love and who has been 'tortured' by love...

Fabulous Friends