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Friday, February 1, 2013

170. Dragon City


I have become mad over a game.. well, first of all its because the game itself is so fun and it keeps bothering me out of my curiosity.. secondly because I played it together with him.. so eventually it becomes double fun..

this game dragon city is brought by FB ultimately.. it is about breeding different types of dragons with some combat using those dragons you have.. so it causes me to be greedy because somehow I really feel like I am going to collect all those dragons...

for now I only have around 30 dragons and I am yet to discover all other types of dragons.. but still I am not yet sure how many the total types of dragon that they have.. but it doesnt cause me anything to try..

here are the list of available dragons and those with stars at the name are what I already have for now...

dragon city list of eggs

169. alone lonely


Now I am back... It was hectic due to adjusting and studying at foreign place.

its now early February and it has been 4 months I left Malaysia to study in Ireland. feeling homesick most of the time cannot be denied. a semester has ended and exams were finished around last week. we now have around 2 weeks of holiday as break where everyone is already scattering themselves all over the places in the world.

I hope one day I will be able to go for a holiday but of course with my family. a holiday alone or without family feels so cold. the warmth that family gives can never be replaced and I want that kind of warmness.

usually my day will be accompanied by someone, he is so special to me. unfortunately, I left him in Malaysia cause preparing for our future is our priority. we contact every day and almost all the time. however, starting 2 hours ago until another 4 days, I doubt that we can even get in touch. he has gone to visit his relatives in kampung. I hope internet connection is somewhat available there. its almost impossible but its still possible. so lets put up some faith.

with that, I am officially bored because I am officially alone and I feel so lonely.

I planned on keeping myself busy so that it will buy some time and I will feel that time flies...I do hope Wednesday comes early than usual...haha...

so thats it...I hope I can keep updating my dearest blog continously after this since I assume that I already settled down nicely here...

till then...

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