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Thursday, February 2, 2012

135. Selamat Tinggal


I have one true story that I would like to share and also to always remember for myself because this story can actually be a good lesson for everyone.

This true story, I heard it from my friend. She told me about it and it was really sad. huhu

Well, the story is about 2 people. A guy and a girl.

Let the guy name be Asyraf and the girl name be Amirah.


Asyraf is a normal guy and has a successful life. He already has a girlfriend. However, his mom want him to get marry as soon as possible thus his mom finds a bride for his son. Asyraf is a really good son and because of that he did not avoid from it and accept his mother idea and even accept the girl chosen by his mother. The girl name is Amirah. They do not know each other but they both agree to be in the marriage planned by their parents.

Asyraf said to himself, "Anyway, parents choice should be no problem and I could not disappoint them"

And thus he goes into the marriage that he actually has planned the course of the cruise of the marriage. However, the girl name Amirah is really a good woman and very nice. she is very patient and accepted her husband knowing the fact that her husband does not love her. He is willing and well prepared for the marriage that she is going into.

Asyraf continues his life with a wife and also a girlfriend. He cannot leave his girlfriend and so he always tries to find ways to make his wife to be mad at him. He does not want to be the one disobeying his parents wish and request by divorcing Amirah. So, Asyraf carries out a really cruel plan. He always get home from work late at night and also ignores his wife just for the sake of making his wife to be angry and fedup. He actually hopes that one day Amirah will be the one asking for a divorce.

However, with such nice and patient heart of Amirah, she accepts everything that is done to her. She still always wait for her husband even though until late at night. She never ignores him and tries her best to fulfill and to take care her husband's needs. He never give up in trying to get attention from Asyraf. She never stops praying for her husband to be soft-hearted towards her one day.

Even though Asyraf is a good son, he always leave his prayers because he goes enjoying himself and his wife always be his reminder. However, Asyraf does not like it and he even gets angry at Amirah for always advising him to perform prayer. Whenever Amirah reminds him, he always resorts to using violence due to his anger to her because Asyraf actually feels like Amirah is daring him. But Amirah never stops and never go away from her husband. She stays by her husband’s side even though she knows that her husband does not want it because she knows he needs it.

One day, Amirah was shocked since she got a call from hospital telling her that her husband had an accident during the way back from work. Her husband’s injury is very serious but he manages to survive. However, he still does not fully recover. Amirah is the one who sacrifices her energy and also time to take care of his husband. She always be there without considering the time and never think about herself that also needs rest.

She just wants to be by her husband’s side and do everything for him and fulfill her duty as a wife. But her condition get worsen day by day, her energy is decreasing and she becomes tired and fell down. She was hospitalized due to exhaustion of taking care of her husband. She cannot even get up and she feels very weak. And one day, she actually does gone forever. As what her husband wishes all this while, she finally made it come true by disappearing from her husband’s side and from the world. Yes, Amirah finally pass away, she dies due to tiredness because she has been focusing too much on the health condition of her husband that she actually forgets about her health.

Asyraf was extremely happy and with only little sad feelings because he only sympathizes with the incident of Amirah pass away. When he got better, he comes home and starts tidying up Amirah’s things to be thrown away. During that time, he actually founds something that breaks her heart into pieces but it is late, too late already for regretting. He founds a letter wrote by Amirah as an expression of her feelings that she actually plans to give it to him but she does not have the opportunity. Asyraf starts reading the letter:


Abang, saya harap abang sihat sebab saya tak tahu keadaan abang. Kita hidup serumah tapi saya tak pernah berpeluang menjaga abang. Saya minta maaf jika kehadiran saya dalam kehidupan abang tidak lain hanya menyusahkan abang dan mengganggu kebahagiaan abang. Tapi saya betul2 harap agar satu hari nanti abang akan dapat menerima saya sebagai isteri abang.

Abang, kita ta pernah bercinta seperti kekasih lain. Tapi dari detik dan saat kita diijabkabulkan , saya menerima abang sebagai imam saya dan saya menyayangi abang sepenuh hati. Saya sentiasa berharap saya dapat menjadi isteri yang dapat menenangkan hati abang dan dapat menghilangkan penat abang.

Abang, saya tak tahu kalau abang sedar atau tidak bahawa saya sering menunggu abang pulang, walau selewat mana pun. Saya teringin sangat abang pulang ke rumah dan memeluk saya, bercerita kepada saya tentang kepenatan abang.

Abang, sepanjang kita hidup bersama, saya tak pernah berpeluang untuk makan dengan abang. Bukan hanya makan bersama, makan semeja pun tidak pernah. Saya benar2 teringin untuk makan dengan abang. Saya selalu berfikir bagaimana agaknya makan bersama dengan suami saya yang saya kasihi.

Abang, saya tahu abang seorang yang baik. Saya harap setelah pemergian saya, abang dapat berubah. Berubah lah menjadi lebih baik. Tunaikanlah sembahyang kerana sembahyang itu tiang agama. Dekatkanlah diri abang kepadanya. Kalau dulu, saya yang menjadi orang yang mengingatkan abang sehingga dipukul. Saya tahu abang marah kerana say amenegur abang tapi itu untuk kebaikan abang.

Selepas ini, walaupun tiada siapa lagi yang akan menegur abang, saya harap abang dapat mengingatkna diri sendiri. Maafkanlah saya kerana tak dapat meneruskan tugas saya sebagai seorang isteri. Maafkan saya kerana tidak lagi dapat menunggu abang pulang. Maafkan saya kerana tidak lagi mampu mengingatkan abang.

Saya hanya ingin abang tahu, bahawa saya sangat menyayangi abang. Semoga walaupun dengan ketiadaan saya, abang masih lagi terpelihara dan berada di bawah rahmat-Nya. Maafkan saya abang dan terima kasih untuk segala-galanya.


Asyraf can only cry. Cry as much as he wants to but nothing can be done. There is nothing that can undo his action. There is nothing that can rewind the play. There is nothing that can go back in time. Only at that moment he starts to realize that he actually loves his wife but he is too ego to admit defeat to his own feelings. Asyraf now loses his wife and indeed a very good wife that really loves him and always stays beside him no matter what happen to him.


haha, so that is all about the story. well, I recreated the story in my own way and I know is is boring since I am not good at writing. my writing sucks! huhu. please comment if you want to.

so, the moral of the story, erm, think of it yourself. everyone has free opinion on the story... :)


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