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Saturday, February 4, 2012

138. Home


already at home and well, HOME SWEET HOME...hehe, suddenly feel like all my sickness have gone away... homesick I guess...meow~~

so, we arrive home at 5 in the morning, this morning...err, I was awake along the journey! which I rarely do, yep, i love to sleep in the car...kesian my mommy and daddy...haha...but last night I stayed up and actually accompany both my dad and co-pilot...heheh (muke bangga ckit) my dad drove from kl until seremban and after resting for a while, my mom take over the driving until we reach home...

unfortunately, my mom was actually sleepy too, so she actually did fell asleep while driving...huhu...I was really scared 'cause I was not looking at the road and I was helping my father so I was looking at the back and when I look back at the road, the car was already heading for the side of the road and there were signboards and also lamp post...I was scared like hell that all I can do is holding my mom hands while calling out for her...and I actually don't expect that she was actually ready to fall into a deep sleep...

thank god that we are safe...and finally reach home...yeay...and I just woke up at 11 just now and I really wanna eat...I am hungry...

Adios!! hehe

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