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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

168. Memorable 11-08-2012


I finally graduated from MARA College Banting for the course of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. It was tough but surely it counts. Those memories that I managed to gather while I was there are so meaningful to me because there is no other opportunity that is able to teach me what I have learned while in there.

Sometimes, it feels like being at the bottom is really sucks and how we fell from above to hit rock bottom hurts us so much. However, falling from high place sure hurts but it will teach us to pick ourselves up again. Hitting the rock bottom feels so deep and dark but that fall will teach us the strength of the bottom that we will never be able to learn at above.

All this while, I have been whining so much of how stressful to be in an IB Programme, but at the graduation day, I realised that if I ever to doubt anything in my life, I should firstly doubt my limits. If it is hard, I just have to prove to myself that :

'Impossible it is impossible'. (Mustahil sesuatu itu mustahil)

Well, I was happy but I was also sad. Sad because I know that I haven't work hard enough while I was going through my IB.

Nonetheless, I am still and IB SURVIVOR! And I am proud to be one.
Because not everyone is able to get the experience through IB and let's just say that I am among the luckiest in the world.

So, here are some pictures. There are others but still there aren't many since I forgot to charge my camera's battery. So, it was dead. LOL

with flowers from my precious mom and dad :)

happy to see both my parents are contented.. ;)
So, that's all about my graduation. Hehe. It was fun and happy and memorable even though I was not well earlier that day. Hehe


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