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Friday, March 30, 2012

146. I don't care


"No matter what you do, or say, some people will approve, and others will not. You have the freedom to decide which people you will be with. If you choose to be with those who judge you, you may feel like a weed in a garden, constantly feeling as though you need to defend yourself and your way of being.

You can choose instead to be okay with being judged, knowing that you’re just being who you are, and that others are free to feel what they like about that. They may be judging you by their standards, but you are living by your own standards. You can also choose to be with those people who do not judge you, but rather appreciate you for who you are. You can then feel freer, and more relaxed about being real, being who you really are. You’ll see that you weren’t a weed, but rather just a flower in the wrong garden."

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