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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

164. Women facts


Girls are really great. (Well, this is not a criticism for females. Honestly, I am praising)

Girls can really think so much. Almost everything can be stored in a human CPU of a female. What others find insignificant or trivial can be a really important details that a female will notice and even remember. '

For instance, when a couple is asked the same question which is "What is the colour of shirt worn by both of them when they first met?"
The girl can answer the question precisely with a very vivid memory of the facts. However, the guy can even barely remember their first meeting together.

This is  prove that we, girls, woman, female, are great. However, these females are also the one who usually created trouble. It is not that they cause trouble by doing improper things. Our mistake is just that, we think so much that we can even come out with all the possibilities that is not there.

It is great. analogically compared to a probability topic in mathematics. A bunch of letters, let say, ABC, can be arranged in 6 possible ways. Some people can figure out that there is 6 ways of arrangement but some might see it to have only one arrangement which is ABC.

The same as a whole set of situation that occur in a day, a woman can extract almost all possibilities of the outcome or cause of the event that cannot be seen because the ability of woman mind to think more than what we are supposed to. Hence, it causes problems that is not there to actually occur because of the fact that we imagine the worst thing.

The fact that 99% of the woman in the world is emotional can be reduced if we actually prove to everyone that we can think in the best way without making assumptions through our emotions. Lets be rational and prove to them that we are not emotional and what we think is reasonable.

Lets fight!!!

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