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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

163. The result


"Man Jadda Wajadda". That is what Allah has told his subjects. We are the one who changes our own fate and those who try and seek changes will be granted by Allah. Allah never leave his servants alone and that is the use of the du'a.

I reckon that to make changes, one have to try and work on it, not only with hope and dream. The result will be given based on how much you put in your effort for what you want. So, I believe that to get what I got now is what I deserved. That is because it is a prove that my effort is not yet enough to fulfill the requirement of what I want.

Sometimes, it would be best to "remember what we deserve and forget what we want". This quote is not only suitable if we deserve something better that what we want but also vice versa. So, why not try it out what is in front of us because Allah will surely give the best for his servants. All we have to do is trust and have faith in Allah's decision.


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