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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

3. It is worth it


hmm, this is my next post...well, well, well.... 
This time I just want to say that we oftenly misinterpret about...we look people falling in love and we want to have one too...assumption made was that love is easy and the pathway of love through life would be as easy as eating KFC, maybe I would say...haha

however, do we actually realise that no one had ever promised that love is actually easy and no one would admit it is hard....but everyone who falls in love are sure about something that they know, which is :

"it would be worth it"

but not everyone is aware to the fact that nothing is easy in this have to be brave to fight back and defend what you claim as love someone, take care of that someone so that you will not lose him... but if you yourself just couldn't care much to take care what you claim as your belongings, e gentle reminder that I would give is that - never whine if it get snatched away and never blame others by saying that they steal what is yours - this is because, before you can claim and blame others, think twice, did you even fight for what is yours and did you even take care of it so it will not be taken??? 

sometimes we need to fight for what we want...If we want to be loved, fight for that love...even after you fight for it and you cannot get it, only then it will be okay to surrender your love because at least you have tried...but, never regrets of something because there surely must be a reason for that...

The success comes within the path of few failures but  be happy

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