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Saturday, May 28, 2011

6. Sign of Boys Falling in LOVE

there are many signs that can enable us to know whether 'they' are falling in love with us or girls whom our feelings can be detected by them, their feelings can also be detected by us..through this prediction, we should be able to know enough about their feelings and their honesty towards us...

so, go and make some observations now...but, be sure to realise that this is all just like a prediction and assumption made through a very narrow scope since human feelings are not something that we can make generalization of it unlike mathematical formula...those assumption might suits well for some and certain people but of course not to everyone...hehe...peoples feelings are not something that we human being can make judgement of...

so, be sure to accept it well with logical thinking...only you will understand your boyfriend well since no one will...hehe  =.=

anyway, gud luck in making observations...the signs will be about a number but I do not think that I will tell how much of it will be...and for sure that I would not post it all in one will be released in phases...slowly... :)

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