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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4. Love the way you are

so, again hye..hehe

love is always in the air...sometimes it is us who do not realise it...we tend to look deeply into something that we decided on until we forget about other things and left the other doors unnoticed...well, feelings are not to be forced and planned...we might want to forget something but we just couldn't, without any reason...even when we fall in love with someone, there might be no reason for is just simply happened...hehe...

so, since we are that pathetic, I would say, to remain our view into that something forever even when we knew it would only be a hopeless dream, let us just let it stay that least we do not interfere with others life...we tend to stick to the end since we are used to it...

when we are in love, everything seems to be something big to us...for whatever happens would create thousands reasons and feelings in our is because the love itself that give the effects to be passionate...we will look to the person we love with more attention and also understanding...

that is what we called LOVE....we do not have reasons but we just love the way you are...hehe

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