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Friday, May 27, 2011

5. I Love You Like

hye!! I left this blog without any post for about more than 24 hours again...but still anyhow, I still return here to make an update now...yeah, it will always about love in this blog...hope no one will get annoyed or bored anyway..hehe

er, today, the topic is about love which is always about happiness and is never a pain to matter how love affects someone's life, it still bring happiness to offers everyone to be feeling happy and sweet moments even though there are times when things get hard and cause bitterness in the memory of love itself....

however, no matter what it is, the things that happens are what we must understand deeply since everything revolves around humans I not right?? tell me if it is not...when something what we called LOVE starts, happens and ends, we should remember those sweet memories during that time...we should treasure and cherished them with all our efforts instead of wasting our energy to do useless things like remembering the bad and sad times along it...

whatever happens during the loving period, no matter whether it is a sweet or bitter moments, we should just admit it that every single thing of it becomes the reason for love as the most effective cure of our hearts...that is why whatever it takes in love, there is no such things as only sweet feelings in love...with love actually one should be able to feel every type of feelings a human should have...that is why we should just love someone without thinking much about it as pain...

anyway, hope that everyone can enjoy the poem below that I found coincidentally when I was browsing the is really meaningful, so be sure to spend some times to ponder upon it so that to understand the poem in the better way...enjoy [wink2]


I love you like I love a day
when everything goes right
I love you like I love to lay
and watch the stars at night
I love you like I love the rain
its lustful calm embrace
I love you like I love to laugh
until it hurts my face
I love you like I love to drive
with no real destination
I love you like I love the thrill
of pure infatuation
But most of all I love you like
I love a cherished friend
Who holds me tight, dries my tears
and loves me to the end 

Poem by El Wirtjes

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