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Saturday, December 17, 2011

127. Belajarlah wahai Hati


hehe, there was one day that I went to Shah Alam Section 14...because my younger sister was having some work there and we were planning on having our vacation at Kuala Lumpur...maybe with shoppings...hehe

anyway, on that day, I was able to meet with my boyfriend at the mall where my sister need to go to...and we met, eventhough for a while, it makes me really happy..

but, at night, we text and he was not really well...I was worried and suddenly I realised something...
during that day, I was left, not once, not twice but triple time...huhuhu

1. he left me after we met with the reason that he had group discussion but on his way back, the discussion was cancelled
2. he left me in the evening while we are messaging cause he wanted to sleep due to the headache that he was having
3. he left me while messaging me, again, at night after taking panadol because his headache was still not going away and he was in so much pain

so, only then I really felt the feelings of being left...and sometimes, I did doubt him because with the long distance separating us apart, he might be telling lies to me and was actually trying to avoid me...but anyway, I tried to keep my faith on him..

so, that night, I learnt something that I should realise...with our risky relationship that I can't still fully believe him, I should understand the possibility is still there for him to turn away from me and leave me..hope not..


Belajarlah untuk kehilangan dia, andai dia bukan jodoh KAMU .
Belajarlah untuk tabah, andai dia pergi dari hidup KAMU .
Belajarlah untuk menerima hakikat, yang dia bukan milik KAMU
Belajarlah untuk berhenti mencintai dia, andai cinta dia bukan untuk KAMU

Dan kadang-kadang kita bodoh
Dengan mencintai orang yang meninggalkan kita
Tapi meninggalkan orang yang mencintai kita

Kita sibuk memandang pintu yang tertutup untuk kita
Sehinggakan kita tidak perasan pintu yang terbuka luas menanti kedatangan kita...

and That Is LIFE...


but still, I will try not to be fooled not to be cheated and not to be hurt...
at the same time, I will try to believe in him to have faith in him and to trust him...

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