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Saturday, June 2, 2012

149. Life at home


A boring holiday...I got nothing else to do but finally this evening I found out something that catch my eyes and heart...I started to work on a handicraft project...just based on an example of an object, I can get full imagination of what I can create...and I finally feel energized and excited to live the day...

Finally, I finish the project at night and I was happy...I even brag about it to my parents and seek for compliments from both of them...weehee, so childish but I was just too excited...hehe..

I stopped with the project since my mum call for dinner...after dinner, we watch television together waiting for megamovie at TV3 at Alice in Wonderland...although I have watch the movie before and I even have the soft copy of the movie, watching it with family sure feels different...hehe

I think that is all that I can write this time...but I hope I can find a time to take picture of my new project to be uploaded here...anyway, I am on the verge of creating a blog for my handicraft project...I hope it can be ready soon...

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