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Sunday, June 24, 2012

155. A girl's habit

Someone tells me that "I hate it when a girl...."

1. cries
2. doesn't understand me
3. acts rude and disrespectful towards anyone
4. makes it hard for me to tell her how I feel
5. says nothing is wrong when there clearly is something wrong
6. doesn't keep a conversation going
7. thinks someone is cute but is too shy to talk to him
8. pretends to like them
9. says "i told u so"
10. doesn't tell me how she really feels
11. want to go out with him but then suddenly stops talking to me
12. judges me for my height before giving me a chance
13. contradicts herself
14. burps
15. doesn't have confidence in herself
16. calls herself fat
17. talks about her problems
18. looks at my profile and doesn't respond
19. texts too much
20. thinks she is better than everyone else
21. tells me about all the other guys she's been talking to

Unfortunately, I have been doing all of these things. Those are really my habits. Huhu
So, it simply means that he hates me. Aitte?

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