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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

102. Mathematics Problems on Trigonometry

haha.. :D

some even says ;

"hey maths, why do you keep asking me to solve your problem? 
I have my own problems too"

and some others say it differently ;

"hey maths, I am tired already of trying to find your 'X'. 
Why don't you move on and forget her already?"

and to me, I would say...
everything is just funny...LOLs

p/s : I have maths portfolio to be done in a week time...should be dead before the deadline.. :)


Herlisyatt said...

this is so cool amalina.
tell maths to find somebody else.

we are so damn tired to solve X
hahaha :P

syarifahsidrus said...


maths mmg boleh buat sakit kepala

AmalinaRazif said...

haha...well, my friend and I have been telling those things to dy mmg degilll...

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