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Saturday, October 8, 2011

90. Teka-Teki


one day, I was in class and one of my member text me and ask a question for me to answer... and I guess that idea came from biology that we learned...he even asked me to ask biology teacher to get an idea of what the answer, I just wanna ask other people since when I asked my classmates, they do not know the answer too... :)

Soalan :
Dalam banyak-banyak burung, burung ape yang berpenyakit???

Jawapan :

Is the answer "burung selsema @ bird flu" that symbolizes the epidemic sickness

na-ah...wrong answer...try again...

Is the answer "burung kakak tua" cause it can talk hence it is sick and weird??

nope...still is too far from the real answer...

Hence, the ultimate answer is "burungchitis @ (read:bronchitis)" is very funny indeed...

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