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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

51. To Love is To Let Go


it has been quite sometimes since I last updated my post...but I bet that this post would be just a simple and short post...

referring to the post title I have given, I think everyone should have been able to make a random wild guest about what is it....

so, basically, the statement would be ;

if we love someone, we should let him or her go as long as he or she is happy in life "

in your own personal opinion, considering logic, truth and also emotion, what do you think about this quote??? 
do you agree, or disagree with it??? 
and to what extent would you agree or disagree with it...???

well, when come to think about it, we would say that it is done by insane people...why would you give up the one you love so much with all your I right??

but, to think twice about it, considering that we are human and no other mighty force that can win against Allah's power, we should realise that we are letting go of our beloved ones because we know someone will take good care of them better than we did, no matter where they are...we should not worry about them because Allah is always with them to protect them...

that is the true meaning of to love is to let love someone, you let it go...for the faith that you have on yourself and Allah that your someone will be taken care of by God...

p/s :: sorry that I still make it long...huhu

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