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Sunday, August 7, 2011

65. LOVE

nukilan seorang insan yang ingin menyampaikan rasa hati,
melalui cara penipuan...saje nak publish...


LOVE will continue running,
LOVE will always be chased,
LOVE is eternal,
LOVE is always looking and moving forward,
LOVE will leave what is behind,
LOVE is always straight,
LOVE is never a short cut,
LOVE is never exhausted,
LOVE is not limited,
LOVE is very wide and big,
LOVE will not finish,
LOVE is not specific,
because LOVE gives strength and courage...

dipetik daripada ,
nukilan : heart deceiver

Hence, I want to say I LOVE you, You, yOu, yoU and YOU...!!!
I Love everyone...

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