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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

71. someone says

haha, doesn't it looks nice???
hmm, I found it somewhere while browsing the web...
it seems like human would treat love like the kite
where we can control it despite the wind...

but the fact that love is subjective and unforceable,
will not change...

love comes without being expected or invited,
and leave without being chased or lead to...
so, we better just enjoy the moment in life,

ignoring the expectation of love...
because eventually, love will make their way to where it belongs..

          ◢■■■◣ ◢■■■◣
        __▂▃_▅▆▇███▇▆▅_▃▂ Someone says he loves you :)


syarifahsidrus said...

human treat love like the kite--> love dis!

...(",) PooH... said...

hurmm...sbb tu tali nye pn mcm tali kite, bleh putus... :((

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