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Saturday, August 6, 2011

63. Menyelam Jangan Tenggelam

salam semua~~~

FuuUUhHh...ini memang memenatkan...tak dinafikan, sirius dah lame sangat tak update blog ni...padahal ni blog baru kot...aduiyai...dah la tu, kalau update pun, mesti selang masa yang sangat lah lame...sempat reput agaknye blog, jadik fossil, buleh dapat minyak. dapat duit...haha...okey, tak lawak..

sebenarnye, nak dijadikan cerita, kat kolej ni, course kitorg ni dah masuk la semester ke 3..yg lagi teruk nye, sem ni dikenal sebagai sem maut...haha...sebabnye, semua taiko-taiko nak buli kitorg...

haha...sebenarnye, yang maut tu sebab ade Extended Essay, World Literature, Internal Assessment BMS, TOK Presentation, TOK Essay, Interactive Oral, Interview Placement university...semuanya penting untuk requirement graduation..kalau gagal walaupun satu, silap-silap ade yang menangis buang mase dua tahun buat course nie...aduiyai...

tapi takpe...biar putih tulang jangan putih mata...setia to one ambition...and that will be our infinite goal...!!

oOOopPpsSS...I should be writing in English...huhu...yeah, I know my English really pissed me off, because I am pissed off with my broken English, I had to do something right..

so, thats it...I watched English movies, listen to English songs, read English materials, and had to converse in English too...I had to do this...I have no other options hook or by crook I have to get to my dream university..huhu...

I know its hard but I also know that it is worth it...I need chance to prove to myself, not to other people, that I can do it, I can survive on my least if i really fail in the end, I know and I am satisfied that I have failed because I am not good enough but because I haven't give my all in, I won't regret it either... :))
I have been very busy and everytime I had even the slightest time to write here, the idea would flow out from my, finally I can't write..huhu.....I need some rest...

and also, with such busy and hectic life, I just can't believe it that my body still has time to be sick...what the fish??? haiya...anyway, I will try my best to give it all...hehe... :) 

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