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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

11. Number 5

hmm, i've been off for quite, now, we will continue with the next sign of love...hehe...

well, I rather say that this is a very basic feeling for someone if the person loves can be so protective since he or she is actually afraid of losing the one that they love...even our parents will feel this...hmm, but if we let this feeling conquer our mind, we might make wrong decision...

for example, in my situation, since I am really afraid of losing someone that I love, I kept imagining how bad things would be for me if I lose, I finally decided to leave him first before things change its way to cause him leaving me...after that only then I realised that I was making such a stupid decision of the situation...I let my fear to control me...but i was really fortunate at that time since I was still able to make up things with, I am lucky and grateful that I did not lose him as a result from my own stupidity...but it was all back then and now, I really did lose him..huhu

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