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Thursday, June 9, 2011

16. Number 10 & 11

hehe...starting from this post onwards, I will be posting 2 signs at the same time since I want to save my time and energy and also my number of entry...hehe

the signs of number 10 would be :

see, he willingly devoted his life for the one he loves.. when I was in this situation, he also did this..he will always be there no matter how big and how small the things that I had to overcome, he will helps... now, I kinda miss that moments...

the next signs is :

yea!!.. most of the time when he sulked at me just to get more attention and wanted me to comfort him, I will show that I am angry and refuse to comfort him... it was just because I actually don't know how to comfort him... I am shy to myself and I can't think of any better idea to solves the situation... :(

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