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Monday, June 20, 2011

35. My Bornday

olla, my blog and those who is willing to follow this blog...

ya, I had my birthday recently, in June of course...but it is not today, was few days ago...I was really happy indeed because I got a early birthday present from my parents...hehe..

anyway, during the night of my birthday, I honestly did not expect anything from anyone but I was really happy and grateful since my roomate did held a small celebration for me...with a cheese cake and what so ever...

later that night, I got many wishes from friends and relatives...but I wonder if I would ever get one from him, or has he already forgotten about my birthday?? erm...I wonder...


however, I did predict something...which is, I will not get wishes from him this year...I have that, since i predicted that, I spend no more time to wait...I let the hope slip off my mind without even leaving a single slightest hope for the possibilities that he will wish...

I continue my life for that day, replying all the wish that my friends gave me...I was happy eventhough I know that it is all the work of Facebook birthday reminder.... :)

however, when two days passes from my birthdate, something happen that shocks me...while i was getting ready to go out for that night for some event, I suddenly felt the urge to look at my phone...actually, I was hoping to see a message from someone that I just knew him lately...hehe

surprisingly, when I looked at the handphone, there is a message and it was from him...he did message me and just with a very simple text message saying :

"sori lambat wish, happy belated birthday"

I was startled and have nothing planned to be, finally I just ignore the message...and among of those who wishes me for my birthday, he is the one and only person who did not get my thanks...anyway, I doubt it that he wished me sincerely...more or less, it would be like, he have courtesy maybe..

I know there are a lot of assumption made by me, but that is the results from not telling directly what is it all about...because I am not a psychic....he might want do that for someone else who maybe will be able to read his mind and heart...

but still, why should I still care if he wished me or not...he left me long time ago and that make the situation to be that I am supposed to forget him already too...!! anyway, it could be either way, whether love or time, that would heal all wounds cause by him... :)

p/s :: actually me myself forgot to wish birthday to this girl...hehe...and I haven't even bought her any present...just wait haaa... ;) by the way, here is the wishes from me, through me, and for me... 

from ME, to ME, by ME...hahaha

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