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Thursday, June 9, 2011

22. Number 22 & 23

a guy who already totally and deeply in love with his girl will not be able to think about another girl and will not even able to allow any other girl to enter his mind...he will fill everything and every aspect of his life with his one and only girl that he truly love...that is why, no matter how many girl a guy encounter during the day, only the girl of the special one will occupy his mind before he goes to sleep every night....

when a guy told that he is crazy over the girl, he really is..because not every guy can go crazy about someone unless he truly loves them and does not want to lose the girl...

so, if something happen and he did lose or nearly lose the girl, he would cry and be sad over it...since all guy are generally ego and none of them would show their tears to anyone, but, if the guy really love his girlfriend, he would cry for her over anything that would make him cry....
and for some reason, my ex-boyfriend did cry, and in front of me...I used to know him as someone very cheerful and always happy in life but when I saw him with the tears on his face and cheeks, I could not feel less than sorry for him... I know what I did was wrong... but I tried not to lose him anymore...yet now, I do not have him anymore by my side and I still remember his face with the tears... and that is why until now I cannot let him go from my life.. because I know he is a treasure for me to hold on and if I let him go, I really am a stupid kid... :) xoxo

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