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Thursday, June 9, 2011

19. Number 16 & 17

see, see.. how faithful they are towards someone that they really love...even if there is another woman tries to seduce him, he would be so tough and survive the seduction...hehe...well, my ex-boyfriend did that...and I believe that he always will... :)

hehe, since he loves the girls, he will be able to survive from other girls attraction since he will play a trick by always spending time with her, with this trick, he will be able to only allow the presence of the girl he loves in his life, but not other girl...hehe...

my ex-boyfriend is very good at making me feel comfortable...he always avoided things that he knows would make me jealous and furious...ehhe...even unnecessary message from his girls friends, he would not answer or reply..hehe....if he did reply, it means that it is really, really important and he will always tell me in advance since he wanted to make sure that I won't hear wrong stories from other people... :) xoxo

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