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Monday, June 13, 2011

31. Love and Study


hmmm, this time I want to write about the power of love...what do you think about love??
well, I guess everyone has their own perception...for example :

 " love is something that is really beautiful " for those who are in love
" love is something that can make us lose our priorities (melalaikan) " said those who has strong religion beliefs
" love is something that cause pain and regret " is what said by the broken hearts people

but for me, I only agree with this... :)
" love is something that can create evolution in life " opinion for people who is smart

want to know why??? it is simple...because, from love itself, we can make many profit from it...with love, we can make that someone as our inspiration...I make the one whom I love as someone that is always be my source of boldness to study...and to know that I am love and I love is the greatest feeling I ever had that I always make it as something for me to continue the road I had chosen for the love gives me strength to go on...besides that love can also make me more soft hearted and always caring to anyone and anything around me...and the most important thing is, with LOVE, I am able to be nearer to Allah since I know the great love comes from him and to love someone because of Allah is the best love than anything..

but sometimes, love did control, we should always be aware that LOVE is something that we feel and we must not allow what we feel to control our live, instead, we are the one who should control what we feel...only then, we will be able to extract the good side of love without being involved in the danger of falling in love... 

but, all these risks are very big...and to gamble in love, only strong and courageous people should continue with it..if you think you are not able to control it, then take your step back before its damn too late for that...and my  FREE advice to those who are not sure about their ability to control love, then just run away...and never let it catches you unless you are ready...haha

I got some quotes...

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
Lao Tzu

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