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Thursday, June 9, 2011

21. Number 20 & 21

yes, that is totally freaking right..because of love we are willing to do anything... moreover when we realised that there is a presence of another party in the relationship...for a guy who really loves his girl, of course he would be able to do anything more than what we can imagine just to make sure that he won't lose the beloved ones...

no matter what happens and who came between them, th guy will always put his trust and faith to the girl that he loves...this is what a guy would do if he really does love you....if he is not this kind of person, thats mean he does not completely into you and maybe he is just making you as the intermediate phase in his life in the way of him finding the real someone in his life...

as guy is actually more caring when we could discover the traits in them, they would actually gives up their lives in order to give us sweet they are and how narrow thinking they are to think that we can live without them...huhu... xoxo

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