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Thursday, June 9, 2011

18. Number 14 & 15

as we all know, love can turn someone into someone that we don't know about one other side...everyone has some attitudes that only the special one can unlock it... so, even for an ego man can turn into someone who is more than prepared to sacrifice his ego and selfishness to prioritize his girlfriends... is not it sweet...?? :)

 but as man, they will always feel unsecured like us, girls...they want to always hear the words "I LOVE YOU" from his beloved just to ease their hearts as a prove to show that the girl still loves him but his still is even deeper than anyone and anything...

yea, my so called ex-boyfriend always did these things...and me who are a total jerk and dumb at that time will always spit out unnecessary scold to him since I thought these things would be useless... he always said the 3 crucial words to me and I will remind him that more often he said it, it would be more meaningless over time,..and now, it happens for real..huhu

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