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Sunday, June 12, 2011

27. Loving is the Essence

loving someone!!!

those feelings will always be felt by those who did love someone...and beware, love does not come in only one way but it actually does in many ways that we do not realise...

when we talk about love, in our minds only appear the love to mankind especially to that someone that we think is very special to us...for girl, he would become the first priorities in our life...why??because it is us who decide how to put it...

love is something natural that Allah gives us to, while feeling it we should at least realise what is more important and be grateful that we can still love him...only then, the love to him that we have will be only because of Allah, not our lust!!!

.:: LOVE ::.
1. loving Allah
2. loving our Prophet
3. loving al-Quran
4. loving our parents
5. loving our family
6. loving our Beloved Ones
7. loving our pets
8. loving our friends
9. loving our teachers
10. loving our properties

so, love is everywhere around is not just around the corner but it is in our hearts...that is why we always feels them and love is never around the corner because love does not has is just straight, so, whether it is round or circle then we can find love...

see, even love can be present in the water that we drink...and not to forget, it is presence in the circle surface of the cup!!! peace ... xoxo

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