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Thursday, June 9, 2011

20. Number 18 & 19

haha, this is something usual...any boyfriend would want others especially his friends to look up on his girlfriend.. he would want his girlfriend to be happy with him... a boy will definitely gets angry when his friends talk about something bad of his girlfriend and he would be able to mock them up if situation gets critical...

no matter how lacking his girlfriend would be, he will always be proud of her since her first time came into his life...he would love his girlfriends as what she is and he would has no comments since he accepted the girl as she is...

this one thing is what I am not really sure since after the break up how would I be able to enter his heart, what I know is that yes, the boy would never believe in love anymore and he is very sad and the period of sadness for boy is about the same as what girls went through... but whether he still hope for her, no one would know except himself and God and only the destiny would determine everything.... :)

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